Efva Attling

It all began with a swan-inspired silver bracelet. Efva was only eleven years old when she made her very first piece of jewelry. Little did she know that this was the first step towards what would later become her success in life.

At sixteen years old Efva became an apprentice to one of the greatest silversmiths in Sweden, Bengt Liljedal. With that her love for the craft was instilled. However it would take more than 25 years before she finally found her way back to creating jewelry.

At the age of seventeen Efva was scouted by the legendary Eileen Ford, co-founder of the influential modeling agency Ford Models. This was the start of a twelve years long modeling career filled with prestigious jobs in places such as London, Paris, New York and Milan. By 1981 Efva felt done with modelling and decided to change careers. She founded the popular pop group ‘X-models’ and received two gold records for her hit "Two of us". During this time Efva was also designing clothes for huge companies such as H&M and Levi’s, as well as for her own maternity clothing brand, Pretty Pregnant. It wasn’t until 1996 that Efva Attling decided to pick up jewelry design again.

Efva’s personality is reflected in all of her designs. She creates elegant jewelry with an edgy twist, which she herself calls  “Beauty with a though”. Efva Attling offers a wide selection of stunning pieces that resonates with both women and men. Her minimalistic jewelry is made out of the very best materials to ensure high quality and a luxurious feel.

In our fantastic assortment of Efva Attling jewelry there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for timeless piece from her Love Knot collection or bolder statement piece from her Take No Shit collection we’ve got something for you!

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Little Curly Pearly Earring Silver
€ 24
Honey Cuff Silver
Efva Attling
€ 318
Love Knot Bracelets Silver 17-19 cm
€ 11
Starline & Stars Collier Gold 40-45 cm
€ 457
Little Miss Pretty Pendant White gold
€ 457
Deco Wedding Ring Gold
Efva Attling
€ 4082
Little Day Pearl Earring Gold
€ 69
Love Bead - Gold Ring Gold
€ 808
Nature's Unique Pendant Silver
€ 71
Crazy Heart Earring Silver
€ 9
Link A Go-Go Bracelets Silver
€ 563
Little Hoops Earring Gold
€ 82
Smooth Ring White gold
Efva Attling
€ 1878
Balls Long Earring Silver
€ 22
Tears For Ears Earring Silver
€ 155
Twosome Earring Gold
Efva Attling
€ 156
Baby Luck Pendant Gold
Efva Attling
€ 106
Beam & Stars Ring Silver
€ 482
Honey Earring Gold
Efva Attling
€ 72
Soft Ring White gold
Efva Attling
€ 1306
Thin Stars Earring Gold
€ 79
Bubbles Ring Silver
Efva Attling
€ 180
Love Bead - Topaz Ring Gold
€ 808
Twisted Orbit - Pearl Necklaces Silver
€ 24
Wide & Stars Ring Silver
€ 1796
Love Knot & Stars Ring Gold
€ 1249
Take No Shit Pendant Silver
€ 122
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